Foam Insert

Lite N Write HD Foam insert for iPad Air,iPad Mini, tablets cell phones, small cameras or other electronic equipment

The HD Foam has been custom made to fit the Lite N Write patented Design.

The Lite N Write foam insert is customize for the Lite N Write Illuminated Storage Board to get the maximum benefit. This foam insert is held and secured by tabs that are molded into the Lite N Write design and is pre cut to allow for features including a pen or pencil tray or accessories for any electronic device.

  • Easy to install and removed when using the Lite N Write as a form holder for paper or other documents.
  • HD Foam provides a snug fit for outstanding shock absorption keeping your iPad Air,  iPad mini or cell phone safe from bumps and knocks
  • Holds its shape – It will not absorb water or humidity
  • Easy access thumb point for quick removal of the Tablet
  • as well as access to the On/Off button

The Lite N Write has a smooth writing surface, combined with a removable light and strong clipboard clip. The storage compartment is weather tight and lockable, so the addition of HD Foam keeps your Tablet dry and protected from drops and damage.

HD Foam is guaranteed not to shrink, stretch or become misshapen so it will always keep a secure grip on the Tablet.

Comes with instructions

Please note: Lite N Write will not offer any warranty or accept liability for any damage to any electronic device used in this product.

Lite N Write  storage box is among the best form holders manufactured today