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    Introducing the Nite Redi Illuminated Workstation

The Nite Redi out shines the competitors with its surface mount LED Lighting System and newly added features that include interior lighting with a plug in speaker system. This newly designed Workstation has the same quality features as Nite Redi illuminated storage box.

The Workstation is designed with smooth rounded edges so it is safe for your children to store their favorite items and the added  interior LED lights make organizing fun for kids and is the perfect carry along for students in school who can store all of their items from pencils, pens, paper, and electronic devices.The Workstation interior Lighting can be ordered in White, Red, Blue or Green.

Nite Redi Pro Series upgrade includes a speaker system that allows you to plug and play electronic devices such as Notebooks and Tablets for better sound quality music without cumbersome headphones. Profesionals and students also enjoy the safety it provides for documents, making it a much needed workstation, while keeping them mobile and organized. The Pro series comes in two sizes with choice of interior Lighting color. 



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