Lite N Write

One Place One Box…  Know where to go… Lite N Write

For adverse weather and Emergency situations

Lite n Write  Illuminated Storage box can not only carry forms & documents but is Ideal for holing other smaller items such as pens, mini flashlights, matches and most importantly electronic equipment.  keeps important phone numbers and contact names in one secure place in the event of an emergency.

Lite N Write illuminated storage box features a removable light bridge that includes 4 LEDs that illuminate the entire surface and stores safely away for easy mobility.

  • Durable, water resistant
  •  Lockable clip to protect forms in all weather environments including power outages
  •  Features a strong low profile clip and has a 1″ capacity
  • Attaches to any flat surface including walls for easy access in a emergency
  • Removable light bridge
  • Includes attached Velcro for wall mounting

                 Lite N Write  storage box is among the best form holders manufactured today